IMG_1710Founder, 2016-present

Our mission is to bring the beauty of flowers to those in our community who need it most. We partner with local institutions such as group homes, shelters, senior centers, and prisons. Through the delivery of free flowers, we aim to enliven spaces, spark feelings of compassion and dignity, and promote a greater connection to nature. Living with beauty inspires us all.

Abloom is a collaboration between a flower fanatic and a flower farmer, based in New York’s Hudson Valley. Marla Walker and Marina Michahelles met when Marla joined Marina’s Shoving Leopard Farm CSA. A life-long flower obsession found an outlet in visits to the farm’s pick-your-own flower labyrinth, and eventually, this project was born. We believe that farm flowers can support our communities and Abloom is an ‘agricultural supported community’ (ASC). We also recover flowers from past events, delivering them to one of our partner organizations.

Our GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign has helped raise the necessary funds to launch Abloom. Follow us on Instagram.

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img_3047-1Abloom Deliver Fresh Flowers to Those in Need (Hudson Valley News, August 2016)