IMG_1710Founder, 2016-present

Our mission is to bring the beauty of flowers to those who need it most. Abloom delivers free flowers to institutions throughout our community. We aim to enliven spaces, spark feelings of compassion and dignity, and promote a greater connection to nature.

Did you realize that event flowers are usually thrown out? We see this as an opportunity to spread more beauty. Our flower recovery program lengthens the life of these blooms. Through our floral design service or in collaboration with your florist or event planner, we pick up the flowers after your wedding or special event & deliver them to someone who will cherish them.

Abloom is a collaboration between a flower fanatic and a flower farmer who believe that flowers can help support our communities. Follow us on Instagram.

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img_3047-1Abloom Deliver Fresh Flowers to Those in Need (Hudson Valley News, August 2016)