Museum of Science

computer_clubhouseComputer Clubhouse, MIT Media Lab, 1994-1995

As a graduate student in Harvard’s School of Education, I worked with MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten in the first Computer Clubhouse at Boston’s Museum of Science. The Computer Clubhouse is an after-school center where young people (ages 10-18) from low-income communities learn to express themselves creatively with new technologies.  While teaching basic computer programming and robotic skills there I noticed that very few girls were participating in our programs. To address this need I created  Girls’ Day, working with a small group of 10-11 year old girls from Boston. These girls learned to create personal video documentaries, which culminated in a collaborative video about the project entitled 9 Techno Girls City.

This after-school gender equity enrichment program has grown exponentially, along with the global Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, and is currently represented in over half the 100+ Clubhouses, in more than 20 countries.  Girls’ Day is now known as Hear Our Voices and continues to strive to encourage greater participation of girls in math, science and technology.