Wing & Clover

wingandclover_logo_550pxFounder, 2009-2012

In 2009 I founded this multi-platform space in Rhinebeck, NY, with the goal of creating an engaging educational, retail and event-based experience. The impetus for opening the storefront was to promote the idea that an “examined life” is an enriched life, and to teach an appreciation for the handmade.  The name Wing & Clover refers to the tool (wing) and raw material (clover) that bees need to make honey.

Wing & Clover launched ahead of the DIY and Maker Space trends and quickly became a magnet for local artists, writers and craftspeople, as well as a shopping destination.  I produced over 60 workshops and events per/year. Our diverse course selection included subjects such as Creative Writing, Drawing, Painting, Block Printing, Quiltmaking, Photoshop, Digital Storytelling, Sewing, Patternmaking, Papercutting, Embroidery and Knitting. In addition, I built an e-commerce site for workshop registrations and retail sales.

Select Press

WingCloverSign300VRWing & Clover: An Artist’s Palette (Rural Intelligence, 2010)

Go Country and Carless in Rhinebeck (New York Magazine, 2011)

Carve Out Your Own Niche (Hudson Valley Times, 2010)